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Case Studies
  • Category Alignment View More

    895 stores visited over a 6 month period resulted in 95% alignment compliance

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  • Burtons Convenience Case Study View More

    This model when compared to a full time model delivered a team of 10 rather than 5. Reduced travel time…

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  • New Look Case Study View More

    All stores were surveyed on a specific day which demanded accurate planning and delivery of results in addition to strict…

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  • Gallo Case Study View More

    A total of 1,080 stores were called on, and a key decision maker (KDM) was reached in 47%. Where a…

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  • Birds Eye Case Study View More

    200 stores visited each period across the first 3 days of the promo cycle. On Entry NAD Compliance – 83%…

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  • A2 Case Study View More

    The team, both solus and syndicated, have grown distribution from 112 ranged stores to 263 stores, that is an impressive…

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  • Burton's Biscuit Company View More

    Within the depots and account called on by the team they are generating 12% volume growth vs. LY. Within the…

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  • Kettle Case Study View More

    Andy Verney from Kettle: “Tactical Solutions team have done a fantastic job in creating theatre. The scale of these has…

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