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Retail & Survey

Every store configuration is unique.


Every project, from the specific and sporadic to the complex, large-scale and all encompassing, has unique requirements.

And every piece of POS has a unique part to play.

Our retail audit services division ensures that each unique element comes together, assisting retailers and brands at every level.

This includes a specific and, where required, real time, in store availability and planogram compliance checking service that provides a detailed understanding of the internal features and design specifications of every outlet.

So, what you end up with are streamlined efficiencies when ordering new fixtures, point of sale, shelving, branding, graphics, equipment and promotional campaign collateral. And, what’s really important is that all this data is always accessible, entered into a database that is updated and maintained by our teams.

So, when you need it, you’ve got it.

To us, it isn’t just about the final results. Data and its analysis feeds dynamically into every aspect of our strategy, from end to end.

And, because our auditing process is bespoke to you, we can be sure of acquiring all the information you need, store by store, to understand how an outlet is configured. Information that means you order what you need, when you need it; eliminating wastage and ensuring a ‘right first time’ approach.

Of course, we work alongside you to provide the ongoing data and insight that supports your business to make intelligent, cost saving decisions in the future too.

Because we believe in true partnerships.