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10 things you need to know about Easter.

In the retail industry, there’s no down time after Christmas. We’re straight into the January sales, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter.

To get us started, here are 10 things you need to know about Easter, from last year’s downfalls to the amount of cash each parent spends on their child.

  • In 2015, UK supermarkets ran out of easter egg stocks just ahead of the holiday, a misjudgement that cost about £5.3m in sales.
  • Easter confectionary sales were up by 8,6% in the 5 week run up to the saturday before Easter Sunday across all major grocery multiples, helped by early March supermarket promotion.
  • The Easter egg market is estimated to be worth £365 million
  • Total volumes increased by 15.1% compared to 2014, data from IRI Retail Advantage Solution revealed.
  • However, despite value sales reaching a peak of £111m, sales tailed off. A tail off which could have been largely avoided if supermarkets did not run out of eggs in the final week.
  • Lindt seemed to be the market winner, with sales worth £17m, up 21% suggesting it may have cleaned up when other brands ran out of stock.


  • The early timing of Easter of 2015 boosted the supermarket sales in March, but the absence of Easter in April impacted sales during that month- the biggest fall since March 2011.
  • A survey found that parents spend an average of £25 per child on easter eggs.

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