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2015 – The Year of Health

Health Takes Over in 2015.

It’s January and that means one thing – the onslaught of health ranges, diet plans and fitness regimes.

Last year a survey commissioned by Which revealed that 61 per cent of people believe supermarkets are not doing enough to promote healthy eating. However the Big Four would argue that they are meeting the requirements set out by industry standards.

So lets take a look at 2015 and what were the big healthy eating trends to impact the consumer.


Goodbye Percy

After years of debate, the Big Four and Marks & Spencer decided to take the plunge and remove all confectionery, crisps and high sugar drinks from the check-outs. It was a bold move, after retailers stayed resilient for so long, but this was one to satisfy the temptations of the consumer in 2015

lThe Independent – Bye Percy

The Year of the Juice

Juice diets and extractors proved to be a number one Christmas buy and recipe book bestseller in 2015. Supermarkets and brands jumped on the treat with nutritional and varied ingredient juice ranges popping up throughout the year and continuing into 2016

Innocent’s Super Smoothie

Clean Eating Takes Over

2015 was definitely the year of diet eating, no longer fad diets. It’s all about clean eating and reducing the chemicals within your food. Supermarkets saw this opportunity by introducing lines focused on the freshest, simplest ingredients – M&S’ line of stir fry meal deal promotes the use of fresh, organic produce where the consumer builds up their meal, hitting the spot every time.

Rules of Clean Eating

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