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2016 Global FMCG Trends


We love a hottest trend here at Tactical Towers, and now that we are the first quarter down into 2016, we’ve looked to our friends at IGD to tell us what they think are the trends going to hit the UK retail sector big in the next twelve months.


All about the health – with more government pressure than ever before, the priority for more health conscious products is crucial. This is going to drive a range of innovation and in store there will be significant display changes. We’ve already seen this in action, with the Big Four all agreeing to take confectionery away from the check outs to discourage any impulse purchases.


Many brands continue to expand their range into the health category, with new lines with a health kick focus launching in the past three months. Our client Kettle Chips launched the new KETTLE® Bites, which are wholegrain and lentil snacks with fewer calories and less fat. The snack bites were launched into the Big Four, proving to be a great success, all with the help from its solus team of TSMs. Click here for more information on in store sales.


A fusion of channels

Innovation in retail might sound like the same old record, but this time it’s serious. The West needs to take inspiration from the East, who continue to focus on robots, data and significant advancement in the world of technology. In field sales, we see technology only as a positive, creating our TSeye Drive to give clients real time information on their sales and store level results. Click here to read more


Saving Time

Convenience and pace is vital to the 2016 shopper. According to IGD, loyalty will be built by offering shoppers convenient and effortless solutions as competition intensifies.

Displays, layouts and merchandising will all change in the UK to reflect this. Stay ahead of the game and speak to one of our experts about a retail audit, to demonstrate the true needs and requirements of your consumer.


Emotion Vs Promotion

FMCG is a saturated market, we all know that, so how are we going to stand out? No longer an emphasis on crazy promotions, it’s now about finding new ways deliver loyalty. Focusing on deep customer insight and interventions with the consumer are crucial to succeed.


Trends come and go, but there’s no denying it, the retail sector is evolving. The trends outlined above mark just a part of its journey. Whilst some might feel like a fad, some will be here to stay so make sure you and your brand isn’t the one left behind.


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