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4 Steps To Visibility

Every brand wants its product on the shelves to stand out and be ‘chosen’ by the customer.The only true way to create this level of awareness is through visibility, a necessity within the convenience sector when every product is vying for the best shelf space.

Maximising potential visibility within the convenience sector relies on several factors: promotions, retailer relationship, range and npd and price.


Follow these steps to create maximum visibility:


People, more than ever, are shopping little and often instead of planning their meals for the week ahead. Convenience stores are often used for ‘top up shopping’

Brands and retailers need to collaborate on this by demonstrating that their product represents real value for money. Targeted promotions, cross product promotions and localised offers, all supported with clever and enticing merchandising can really enhance both the retailers’ and brands’ customer base.


Building a relationship with a retailer is always a long process, the role of the store manager is very demanding and every minute of their working day is accounted for.

The retailer relationship is at the heart of securing the best visibility for a brand’s product. Get this right and the retailer will support your product, leading to more product availability, shelf space and unique POS opportunities – resulting in an increased potential for the consumer to buy your product.

At Tactical Solutions, our team in the field become your team in the store. They’re in store, building relationships week in, week out to drive your visibility. It’s these influential partnerships that make a difference to your business, ensuring ranging, additional space and POS positioning.


Sales of new products are at their highest in the six weeks post launch, therefore it is essential to maximise visibility and sales opportunity during that period. By building a strong relationship with a retailer, a brand should have the full support of the store to make the new line a success. It is therefore important to capitalise on this with POS displays throughout the store. Hot zones, dump bins and end shelf displays prove time and time again to be the perfect opportunity to increase awareness, and most importantly sales.

That’s where our team comes into its own. Our fully employed team of retail and brand experts have the experience and knowledge to leverage the relationships that make an impact on your bottom line. It’s the final touch where it matters most.


Ensuring you have the correct range and price for your relevant audience is crucial. In the current economic climate, consumers do not expect to pay a premium on products from the convenience sector. The shopper wants to see the same price led offers that feature heavily in the multiples, in their local store.

Our free whitepaper contains valuable insights to help brands conquer the convenience sector. Download it here.