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5 Big Benefits Of Field Sales

As the convenience sector continues to grow at a rapid rate, there is a growing pressure from brands to drive sales and succeed within the sector.

Shelf space in a convenience store is a premium commodity, therefore achieving more visibility has to be carefully considered by the retailer. This means that the role of field sales teams is more crucial than ever.


Here are the top 5 benefits of field sales marketing.


1. Save time and internal resources

Reaching out and building relationships with each individual store is both time consuming and geographically challenging. That’s where highly trained field sales managers come in to play, acting as brand ambassadors for set regions.

2. Turning data insights into profits.

We use data to gain that competitive edge, to help you better understand your business and customers. This enables you to keep a handle on the supply chain, to eliminate wastage and achieve a ‘right first time’ approach. Quite simply, applying lessons from data means you can make smarter, more profitable decisions.

3. An extension of your own team

We represent your brand in stores, acting as an extension of your own team. This means we’ll know your brand inside out, and go above and beyond to present a convincing case to the store managers.

4. Long term investment

We build long term, influential relationships that are nurtured for the future. Our field sales team make visits week in, week out. And that means more opportunities for your brand.

5Goal driven representatives

Our sales team have set  KPI’s against each campaign to ensure client objectives are met in  order to deliver industry leading ROI on behalf of clients, time after time.

We’ve given away more secrets in our white paper. It’s all about how to achieve the best availability for your brand.