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April Fools – The Best From the World of FMCG

We love a good April Fools here at Tactical Towers, there’s almost a certain amount of fear when you walk through the office door on April 1.

But better than seeing all our team’s pranks being played out is the amazing work that some of the leading brands from the FMCG world do to create a spoof for the day.

It might all just be light-hearted fun, but never forget the power that an April Fools can do. It not only shows your customers you have a personality, it will cement their loyalty and create a great communication between brand, retailer and consumer.

So we took a vote in the office to reveal which pranks were our favourite April Fools for 2016:

Pimm’s sponsors Big Ben

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.44.59


Known for its ‘It’s Pimms o’Clock’ slogan, this is a great one from the alcohol company claiming to be the first official sponsor of London’s Big Ben, the team created a news style video with esteemed journalist, Peter Sissons, telling us how they are helping to fund the restoration of the historic landmark.

Carlsberg Announces Expansion into Gourmet Burgers with The Carlsburger

The popular brewer claimed that it is feeding a small cattle of calves some Carlsberg hops and two pints of the lager every single day, in a bid to create Kobeer Beef. The drunken cows receive massages and serious TLC to keep the meat tender – this sounds like the dream to us.

Wholefoods announces new Dating App

The health food giant announced the launch of its very first kale- and quinoa-centric dating app for all those healthy eaters looking to find love over their favourite superfood. You never know we might see some beautiful children called Avocado and Spinach in a couple of years time. See the tweet here

Rowse Launches Wasp Honey


We all know honey comes from bees – it’s bee-autiful (pardon the pun), but leading honey supplier Rowse announced that it has a swarm of over 10,000 Mexican wasps to create a limited edition wasp honey. Sounds delightful.

We might not be able to help you create the perfect April Fools but when it comes to launching a brand into stores, we are here to help.