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Are you prepared for Valentines?

We might all still be feeling the Christmas blues, but the New Year brings endless new opportunities for retailers and consumers alike. And more to the point, the countdown to Valentine’s.

Brands and retailers have the chance to test, experiment and evaluate different activity so make the most of it.

Don’t stand still, the consumer is still there, looking to purchase. So what can we expect in January and in the run up to the next big sales period, Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Sweets

New Year, New Lines – people are still buying ion January, but this time it is more specific and targeted therefore a brand must create a level of interest and noise in each store to ensure its product is visible and seen by the potential customer. Remember, 77% of Valentine’s-shoppers bought their products from grocery retailers in 2015, therefore make sure you have confidence in your new lines to entice the consumer.

One Day Promotions –the top three rules for a successful one day event are proper planning, effective store management, and the implementation of in-store theatre and merchandising. It works every time. With the purse strings of shoppers relaxing everywhere, Valentine’s Day becomes the perfect sales period to nail down those one day promotions. Driving sales opportunities at what is usually perceived at a quiet time.

Chocolate for Valentine's Day


Don’t Disappear: With only 39 days to go until Valentine’s don’t forget to maximise those sales following the biggest trading period of the year. The most effective way to do this to ensure your products stay visible and available throughout the early months of the year.

Valentine’s Day is only six weeks away but there’s still time to implement your promotions, add lines and create more opportunities. Want to find out how? Get in touch with a member of our team.