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Back to School Lessons

As soon as school breaks up for summer, parents are busy prepping to send their children back. And more often these days they rely on their mobiles and tablets to decide where to shop, doing their own homework to get the best deals.


So how does retailers and brand get ready to capitalise on this market? Just follow these simple steps to take advantage of these opportunities


  1. Research, Research, Buy

Before we shop, we go searching. Google reports that in a 2014 search interest in ‘back to school’ grew by almost 48% last year. And now the research and interest is coming earlier than ever before.


Yet the actual purchasing period is pretty quick, with the majority of shoppers trying to do all BTS shopping in less than week. Therefore what brands need to remember is to influence purchase decisions, be early and be online.


  1. Mobile Purchases Takeover

According to Google, busy parents who don’t have time to wonder the shop do their shopping in micro-moment throughout the day. 40% of all BTS searches were done on mobile in 2014, and this is increasing year on year. This is bridging the gap in terms of what they want to buy and where from. Therefore brands need to ensure that all promotional activity in store, in communicated across online platforms including social media.


  1. Price is Number One and Loyalty is Low

Price remains the number one factor, which influences the decision of where to shop for BTS supplies. Shoppers remain more interested in finding the lowest price on BTS items compared to the highest quality products. Plus shoppers will visit multiple stores to find the best deal, therefore retailers and brands need to focus on tip number 4 to combat this.


  1. Think About The Whole Offer

Instead of just focusing on a savings promotion which just get lost in everything else, think about the whole experience, create something that adds real value to their lives. Why not create looks and outfits based on trends, or create galleries with items that are both beneficial for the parent and child. It can definitely help reduce any tantrums on shop floor.


  1. Create Events in Events

Everyone knows BTS will happen every year, but this time you can build excitement and capture attention by creating limited time and exclusive events within the BTS period. This will create urgency and a call to action during the event. If the event has a start and end date will significantly help to drive consumer spend.


So what can brands do and how does a field sales expert help?


Whilst proper planning can never guarantee success, what it does is paints a clear picture of potential sales opportunities, issues that could arise and how to maximize ROI. Back before the world of data offering and technology innovation, a walk about on shop floor would be the best way to keep track of stock levels. These days we’ve got a lot more sophiscated….


Our retail experts out in the field now have innovative software such as TSeye that can provide real time data helping to ease the problem of understanding what is selling, what’s not and avoiding any out-of-stock situations. It also means that at store level we can ensure different stores have the correct products and stock levels that is required.


For example, quite recently we could see that certain SKUs for one of our clients were showing 7 days of no sales but a high amount of stock on hand. By calling in to the store we found a large amount of stock in the warehouse but not out at fixture. By pushing this back out to fixture and creating an additional display we were able to fix the issues and influence sales.

Using this software means we can respond quickly to a store where the product is under performing and resolve these issues to help achieve a better ROI for our clients.


Chat to one of our retail experts to learn your ABCs and your 123s when it comes to Back To School promotions.