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Over the Biscuit Tin with Frank Wainwright

We sat down with FMBE magazine publisher and editor Frank Wainwright to find out what he does, what he knows about Tactical and most importantly, what’s his favourite biscuit…

me at work

Who are you and where do you work?

Frank Wainwright – I look after Field Marketing magazine and our industry’s FMBE awards. I started the magazine 16 years ago, so it is a young adult now.

What do you do on a daily basis?

My day is the same but it boils down to writing, editing, interviewing, working photographs, analysing the industry, sorting print orders, revising and updating the awards programme and building event line ups. I am also a ‘mum’ so school runs, spellings, managing school anxieties and bedtime stories feature.

What do you know about Tactical Solutions?

An ambitious and dynamic field agency with superb brand knowledge, strategic relationships, leading staff management and training – and also a strong syndicated division

What’s the best thing about your brand?

My FMBE brand is creative, imaginative and brave. Its customers love it for its blend of real industry insight and sense of fun.

What’s your favourite FMCG brand?

Red Bull. I admire it for the sustained emotional connection it has engendered with its shoppers. It is truly an experience brand. I don’t drink it often though. I also like Guinness, Pampers and Heinz all of whom have products where the rival brand ‘won’t do’.

What makes a field sales agency stand apart?

People + Innovation

Top biscuit choice with a brew?

Custard Cream