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Brands Who Seriously Love Each Other

We all love seeing different brands come together and develop a limited edition collection or one-off product. The more obscure the better. And these days they are becoming more and more popular.

It’s the perfect way to supercharge innovation and draw in a new audience.

Even the most successful companies have benefited from participating in a joint project or venture with another complementary brand, and consumers are increasingly more receptive to this collaborative approach.

Who doesn’t love a Jean Paul Gaultier Coca Cola bottle after all?

So which are our favourite most recent collaborations?

Dairy Milk and Daim Bar/ Oreo

  • As part of the Kraft company it was only right that milk chocolate favourite, Dairy Milk, shared the love with some of its other family
  • So Dairy Milk and Daim was born
  • This product replaced the successful Dairy Milk and Milka collaboration – with Daim bar taking Milka’s place here in the UK
  • The collaboration was inspired by the success of the Dairy Milk and Oreo collaboration, which saw more than £10 million in increased sales. The Co-Op reported that the Oreo Cadbury bar outsold any other chocolate by 2.5:1 during its stint

Walkers Crisps and Marmite

  • Love it or hate it, this collaboration is here to stay
  • First launched in 2009, the demand was so high it was brought back in 2015 as part of the Bring it Back campaign
  • However, unlike the other nostalgic flavours, which were put to a vote, Marmite was made a premature fixture
  • It would seem that the UK definitely loves it

Disarrano and Versace

  • Penned as Disarrano wears Versace, the limited edition bottle added a new type of glamour to a traditional spirit
  • Taking inspiration from the Versace Home Collection, this was the second collection for Disarrono, who previously worked with Moschino
  • 5 million bottles of the Disaronno wears Versace were made available worldwide

A collaboration of a different kind – Heinz and Coca Cola

  • Two global brands came together for a different kind of partnership
  • The duo announced that Heinz Tomato Ketchup would be bottled using Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle packaging
  • The packaging can be identified by a special logo and on-pack messages
  • This collaboration became know as of a ‘golden triangle of partnerships’ between business, government and society

When working with another brand, it’s vital to keep in mind the audience for both brands. Though this can be tricky, successful brand collaborations can provide a huge boost to any brand and retailer, often keeping the name relevant and present to an ever changing market.

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