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Client Close-Up: Kettle Chips

Our client of the week this week is KETTLE Chips. As we baton down the hatches for winter, KETTLE Chips is ready for the time of the year when people gather friends and family around the kitchen table and dig in to hearty food.

Making the most of this crucial period, KETTLE Chips has launched a brand new limited edition seasoning, Cheshire Cheese, Red Wine & Cranberry. Like all KETTLE Chips, this special edition was the brainchild of KETTLE Chef, Chris Barnard, who was tasked with creating a simple yet warming seasoning which captures to the spirit of winter food. Chris chose a smooth red wine matched with a full flavour creamy cheese and cranberry for a touch of fruitiness. We’ve had a try and we can assure you, he got it just right.

KETTLE Chips has a strong fan base who regularly ask for their favourite flavours to be brought back. So as an early Christmas present this year, Salsa and Mesquite has been brought back. This was first launched in the UK back in 1988 but was discontinued in 2007. Since then, the dedicated fans have been campaigning for its return with devoted Facebook groups and even a music song. Now that’s dedication. Stilton & Port has also been brought back due to popular demand.

Like any successful brand in the retail market, KETTLE Chips is continuing to innovate. In October it launched its first ever on pack promotion offering customers the chance to win their chef’s handmade kitchen.

And as KETTLE Chips continues to grow from strength to strength, our teams are in Tesco stores, every week ensuring that these exciting new product ranges have maximum visibility across the UK and get the shelf availability that KETTLE Chips deserves. And it’s our strong relationship with the key decision makers in stores that make sure this happens. From ensuring that every piece of signage is just right, to making sure availability is measured effectively, we are the last pair of hands for KETTLE Chips before their bags get picked up by consumers.

If you’d like to find out more, speak to our team.