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Client of the week: Heinz

Recently our Heinz Field Sales Team were shortlisted for the Team of the Year at the FM & BE Awards and last week, they picked up a silver award!

Tactical Solutions has worked with Heinz since 2008, originally with just a small team of 14 Territory Sales Managers. This team has now grown to 56!

So how did our team do it? The strategy:

1. People – It all starts with the people. Our team are in store week in, week out, maximising sales for Heinz. Our teams are our strongest asset which is why they all go through a 26 week induction programme and why we have been awarded Investors in People ( Silver Standard) Our sales team understand in store operations, how to influence lasting change and how to drive promotional compliance in accordance with the retailers’ policies.

2. Technology – We have developed our own bespoke technology to ensure that the TSMs are able not only to data capture the difference they have made in store but also to use a tablet to sell and educate stores on Heinz products.

3. Data / Insights field – The team work closely with Heinz and give the field team the tools and the confidence they need to talk about their own sales and opportunities.

4.  client / development – we have developed a number of dynamic reports that show promotional compliance which allows the field team to work to target and improve results.

5. Motivation – It is important for us to ensure team morale is kept high and regular team meetings/conferences are conducted to keep the team well informed. This involves team building exercises, role-plays and activities. It’s just one of the ways we keep our teams loving what they do.

6. Brand Ambassador – We work extremely close with Heinz to ensure we understand the brand and understand their portfolio. We ensure weekly meetings are arranged where objectives are discussed which allows us to pass on the passion of Heinz when in store. Our relationship with Heinz works because we are fully integrated into their business, we’re in contact every day which means that we feel like a real part of their business.

Just the way it should be. And it’s worked. Overall results for 2014 are at their strongest and we’ve exceeded all targets. This year’s figures show a big increase across a number of areas compared to last year’s great results. For example: New lines set up has increased by 304%. We’ve exceeded our target for driving extra display by 12% and we’ve increased the stock availability by 17%. And that’s just a snap shot of what we’ve achieved.