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Client of the Week: Burtons

We’ll be taking a look at some of our clients, their products and our unique approach to every one of our client’s needs. The service we provide may be bespoke but the end goal is always the same; to get the product in the customer’s basket.

The first client of the week is the major UK biscuit manufacturer, Burtons.

The challenge

Burtons identified a gap in the market for a soft centred cookie and launched an exciting and innovative new product, Maryland Gooeys. In a busy, competitive and promotionally driven category, excellent in store execution was essential if this product was to be a success

Our solution

Our dedicated Burtons sales team geared up for this by successfully pre-selling the product to the store management, agreeing additional volume with stores to ensure that the product was featured as prominently as possible for the launch and beyond. POS was used to achieve excellent visibility and theatre in all stores from day one.

And the results speak for themselves

Maryland Gooeys have successfully attracted new customers to the treats market, resulting in a 70% increase in Maryland buyers, dramatically widening the customer base. Strategic TV ads with a 3 stage approach performed 50% better than normal TV ads in terms of intent of purchase. On top of this, we sampled 135,000 customers across 8 key locations, successfully introducing this innovative product to the market.

If you haven’t tried Maryland Gooeys yet, you’re missing out.