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The Come Back Kid

Who doesn’t love the return of their old favourite sweet, crisp or chocolate treat? Here at Tactical Towers we are known for our sweet tooth – or should that be teeth? But so many of us have lost loves from the past, which you just can’t get anywhere anymore. So it makes it a great day when our fave nostalgic range announces a come back – cue rushing to corner shop and confectionery aisles.


So we thought we would share our top three comeback brands of all time. And one we’re still keeping our fingers crossed will make a refreshing return to our shelves.


Dairy Milk Tiffin

That’s right, hot off the press this week, this much love top choice is making a serious comeback – 13 years after it took a bow out of our shelves. It comes filled with biscuit pieces and raisans, coated in Cadbury’s signature milk chocolate. First produced in 1937, this old chap is back for a limited time only. According to Dairy Milk they decided to bring the Tiffin range back after customers have demanded for its return for years over social media. We don’t blame them – hooray!


Burtons Fish and Chips

Probably one of Britain’s favourite snacks from yesteryear, this the fish-shaped savoury biscuits known as Fish ‘n’ Chips, made a surprise return to shops, and to great success. Burtons has brought two flavours back, both using its iconic, classic newspaper style packaging. As one of our client’s we work closely with Burton’s to bring these old faves back into the households of the 21st century – and boy do people love them. After several surveys and market research the team knew that Fish ‘n’ Chips had never left the hearts and minds of the public so they were brought it back in 2014, and the range has now become a familiar fixture on our shelves.




The retro chocolate bars have made a comeback in March 2016, following a strong Facebook campaign to bring the delicious toffee and biscuit delight back onto our shelves again. It’s been 13 years since it was on our shelves but it’s back, but only for a limited time only. After forming part of The Grocer’s Bring Back a Brand campaign in 2012 the company behind the old fave believe they can make around £3.2million in annual sales. That’s a lot of toffee!


And finally, the one we want to come back oh so much – go old Wispa Mint. Those four years that Wispa was taking off our shelves was a dark time. But someone must have been listening with the highly successful launch of Wispa and Wispa Gold. Now all we are waiting on is for our refreshingly good Wispa Mint, but we think if the mint-oholics pray to the chocolate gods just that little bit more (or start a Facebook campaign) we might just have our dreams come true.


If you’re looking to make a comeback for any brand, speak to our retail experts who will guarantee you reap the rewards from bringng an old favourite back.