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A Day In The Life Of A TSM

When a product  is new on the market or has unique benefits, a Territory Sales Manager’s job can be a bit more of a challenge. For Ben Massey, Territory Sales Manager for A2 Milk, this challenge is exactly what he loves, and by educating customers and staff about the product, he has helped the brand and the stores that stock it, grow from strength to strength.

What does your job involve?

My role is different to other Territory Sales Managers as A2  is a fairly new product and generally, people are not aware of its benefits. This means that a major part of our job is to educate both staff in store and customers.

ben massey

So what is A2 Milk?

A2 Milk is an easier to digest cow’s milk that is designed to help consumers who find it hard to digest dairy due to the proteins within the products. It is medically proven that a1 protein within conventional milk is the hardest protein to digest and can leave a sickly/ bloated feeling. These side effects mean that consumers often leave cow’s milk in favour of goat’s milk or Soya milk. A2 Milk is a solution for those who find it difficult to digest dairy.

How do you educate people about A2?

I cover 35 stores across the West Midlands, and visit each of those stores once per week. During this time, I speak to staff and customers, talking through information leaflets and explaining the benefits of A2 milk. I’ll go in to the canteens at stores with a bottle and talk to staff, giving them the chance to try it and I’ll speak to customers in store who are picking up goat’s milk and soya milk and introduce A2 milk as an alternative. It’s a people orientated role.

One of the biggest challenges is finding people who are going to influence others, people who will love the product and will raise awareness of the brand. A2 Milk’s success is largely down to word of mouth. By talking to these influential people we can help spread the word.

How do you add value to the A2 brand?

Our team is really enthusiastic. We all appreciate the benefits and are passionate about making this brand a success. And this enthusiasm is reflected in how we speak to people.

We also work closely with A2 Milk which means we have a really close relationship with the business. We visit the farms to ensure supply is efficiently managed and we have team building activities which helps to strengthen these relationships.

We are also targeted monthly which means we strive to improve every month.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Having to cut dairy out of your diet can really affect a person’s lifestyle. People are genuinely happy to learn of an alternative which means they can have dairy again, and that gives great job satisfaction.


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