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A Day in the Life of a TSM

Casey Sherwood, TSM for Innocent drinks, has just had a record month, with 960 cases of the 1.5 litre family carafe of Innocent orange juice ordered for just one superstore . He talks to us about how he always has his an eye open for opportunities for the brand.

First, a little about Casey

Before coming to Tactical Solutions, he reduced stock loss for BHS from £50,000 to £9,000 and rewrote their ‘Best Practice’ handbook while working in the restaurant sector. He’s an entrepreneur who bought his first bouncy castle and set up in business at 18 and then bought a run down pub for £5,000 at age 20 which he sold two years later for £25,000.

How do you sell Innocent drinks in store?

If you don’t have a promotion underway then you can sell on the brand benefits. And if you can’t do that, then you should be in another job with a brand you do believe in. If I see a gondola end that is being underused then I will let the category manager know how much more they could be making from displaying our product there. You need to give them the figures of course, as data talks. I’ll also offer to move the stock for them if that helps – even if it takes five hours. It’s all about making their job easier and their store more successful overall.

What are your current in-store successes?

I currently have Innocent in four positions in the ASDA megastore at Longwell Green near Bristol, UK – front of house (as you walk in) with four large shelves of the same product stacked to create an eye catching display, then in the ‘on the go’ sandwich deli sector with four variants of 250ml and 350ml as single serve.

Why do you think Innocent is doing so well?

Innocent has gone mainstream and is even one of the director’s choices for Christmas – what they are calling ‘A mighty merchant’. So Innocent is being given the same high profile as Pilgrim’s Choice Cheese, Muller yogurts, Clover spread, Dairylea Dunkers and a few other products in the special offers aisle.

Innocent is keen to hit the stores hard and is offering Innocent gloves, bags and jackets as rewards for staff. Staff earn points on sales of stock too which can be used on any product in store..Innocent is also testing out some new drinks in Starbucks – they are always doing something new.

How does your role help the store?

The store is happy to have an extra pair of eyes looking at where they could do better, of course I am very careful not too offend anyone. This is always about relationship building. It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are if you annoy the person responsible for that section.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

It’s great when your ideas come to fruition. In the summer I suggested that maybe some smoothie lollies would be a good idea. And I’m not sure if lots of other people had the idea at the same time but it looks as if they are going to do it.

I just love spotting the best place to put things. I learned recently that opposite the butter and spreads is a prime spot – as everyone buys those. Being awake to opportunities and building good relationships is still key to success.


Casey gave a full interview to FoodBev.com, which you can read here.