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A Day In The Life Of A TSM

At Tactical Solutions, we believe that it is the people that make the difference. And this couldn’t be more true of our Territory Sales Managers. They’re on the road, visiting stores every day, representing our clients’ brands and making an impact on their bottom line.

We talk to Nick Rose, TSM for Heinz about his typical day and how his award winning team (they recently won a silver award at the FMBE Awards) make an impact on Heinz’s bottom line.

What does a normal day involve?

My day starts at about 7am, visiting stores at the best time for assessing the stores and meeting key decision makers. I visit about 5-6 stores per day around the Reading/ London area, ensuring that Heinz has availability across the board. I’m part of a 56 strong team, covering the whole of the UK.

I make sure that any feature displays are compliant, check fixture space, shelf edge labels and all signage. This secures the best positioning and availability possible in a consistent and on-brand manner.

During the store visit, I’ll speak to the store’s key decision makers, communicating upcoming promotions and any extra stock needed as a result of this. I get the information about promotions a week before so I can then prepare the stores in advance.

We are always thinking of ways to increase Heinz’s sales. During promotional periods this could mean arranging extra displays or positioning products with host food for example bread buns next to the tomato ketchup. This works especially well during summer and Bonfire Night. We have to understand the customer and their needs to ensure that Heinz products are there when they make impulse purchases.

 How do you think you benefit Heinz?

We build really good relationships with the staff in stores because we visit so frequently. This means we have influence in store and can give Heinz on-shelf priority.

We’re also targeted based on incremental sales and know the monetary value we are adding at every stage. This means we feel really part of the Heinz business, and are driven to do more each day.

How does your job change throughout the year?

We are always on top of key calendar events and seasonal attitudes. These are commercially crucial to brands. In the run up to Christmas we’ll put more of a focus on the frozen food sector, particularly Heinz’s frozen potato range to make sure that we are capitalising on these important times of the year. Early next year, we’ll focus on Heinz’s Amoy noodle range ready for the Chinese new year.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love the flexibility. It’s not a normal 9-5 job. Instead, we’re meeting different people, in different parts of the country. I also really enjoy building relationships with the people who make the difference in store. And I get to meet some characters along the way.

What’s your favourite Heinz product?

I’d have to say the black label Chorizo soup. You really need to give it a go.


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