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Diversifying for Your Audience

So often we talk about the run up to Easter and Christmas, with these two holidays dominating the annual retail calendar. Yet as a nation that is proud of its diversification, it’s important that brands and retailers market their products towards other religious holidays.


The Guardian reported that the Ramadan economy in the UK is worth more than £200m, with The Big Four supermarkets creating displays and promote products on food items to Ramadan in areas with a high Muslim demographic.


This year, MAC Cosmetics, The Body Shop and Godiva Chocolates all chose to package and promote goods specifically for Eid. However according to a report by Oglivy Noor more than three quarters of British Muslims want retailers to pay even more attention to Ramadan.


Understanding the needs and wants of your audience demographic, region by region, plays a vital part for marketing a brand’s product. In some parts of the UK, Easter and Christmas will not be as a key to push, compared to other religious holidays such as Diwali or Hanukkah. Therefore, your promotions, products and messaging should reflect this to maximise those crucial sales and generate ROI across all regions.


So, when it comes to understanding an audience, how can Tactical help? 


  • Our team at Tactical, work and live in their specific region, so straight away there’s an understanding of their audience on a personal level, compared to an individual working from a head office based 200 miles away.
  • Our TSMs build relationships with each and every retailer included in their specific field, this plays an integral part of delivering the results we do for our FMCG clients. These relationships, however trivial it may sound, help our team gain a better understanding of what’s happening at store level and what the consumers of each store are looking for.
  • Not only do we focus on building relationships with retailers, our teams spend time on the shop floor, speaking to customers and hearing directly about what they would prefer to see on the shop floor. It’s this interaction that can really make a difference, being a faceless brand that doesn’t know your customer can be seriously detrimental to your sales results, therefore implementing a field team that has the time to be able to hold these one on one conversations is a great way of interacting and understanding your customer
  • Finally, all our work out in the field is backed up with real time data, generated from out TSeye. Our data can identify issues in store and spot trends, sending information straight to head office and suppliers, therefore improving availability within 24 hours. Ensuring our clients don’t miss out on any trends and peak sales periods. This data is also stored as part of our DRIVE tablets, enabling our teams to plan for future events, creating strategic campaigns to maximise ROI.


Speak to our team today on how you can maximise those crucial sales.