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Don’t Forget The Pets

So much of our In Store Sales work is focused on helping FMCG brands drive sales in the Big Four supermarkets.

However it’s not just the brands in the Big Four that need to focus on accessibility, availability and visibility, other sectors do too. And one growing sector that continues to take a significant percentage of the consumers annual spend is the Pet sector, according to The Daily Telegraph, more than £7billion was spent on pets in 2015 – (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/11327761/Pet-humanisation-will-cost-Britons-7bn-this-year.html)

So we take a look at how our knowledge and expertise from working leading brands and the big four can ensure pet brands and stores optimise their sales opportunities and get some serious tails wagging.

Where Is it Going to Go?

A pet store is a destination store, most of the time consumer’s know that they need a particular product before entering the store. It’s not often that a consumer and their pet will pay a visit just to browse. So you need to tempt them to look at your products, ensuring your visibility and accessibility on the shelf is crucial. Your brand’s products should be placed in the current, seasonal pet section, straight in the consumer’s path. Remember pets deserve something special so make is visually appealing to both pet and master

Work Strategically with Your Products

Everyone loves toys and the fun products but it’s just as important to push the staples. When it comes to these products, be organised, keep them at eye level and easily found for the consumer. Your brand needs to be the best placed for this sector.

Don’t forget the additional sales opportunities at this point, small items that customers can easily pick up is an extra bonus for their pets and for you. It’s vital to have set out sections for food and toys, but never forget to tactically place any small products that could lead to impulse buys.

Communication with Customers and Staff

Every team member at the pet store needs to understand the ins and out of your brand. This is where a TSM comes in, they will spend the time training the retailer ensuring they have full product knowledge, plus they understand the different promotions happening at any given time.

Don’t be Stale

Merchandising and instore theatre is key to displays. If your displays stay stagnant, people will become complacent and not interest in your varying range available. Change this up on a regularly basis, our TSMs can work with you to create in-store theatre and a true customer experience for both pet and master.


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