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Education, Education, Education

A staggering 20% of Brits have an issue consuming milk, believing that they are intolerant to it. In fact, only a very small percentage have a real intolerance and they may have actually been reacting to an intolerance to the A1 protein found in milk. This in part is due to a change in cultural trends and shopping habits. Sioned Quirke, a dietician and BDA spokesperson said

“ I think the misperception is a lot to do with celebrities endorsing avoiding certain food groups and the growing market for self-test kits, despite them having no scientific basis. “

Originally, all cows produced milk containing just the original A2 protein. However, during domestication by humans, another protein became dominant, the A1 protein. A2 milk has found a place in this market, thanks to their specially selected cows that only produce A2 protein. This gives people who thought they couldn’t drink milk due to discomfort, the chance to enjoy milk again, instead of resorting to goats’ milk or other non-dairy alternatives.

However, as a relatively new product on the market, a2 have had to overcome a substantial challenge: getting these potentially life changing benefits communicated to their audiences. This is a common problem that many brands face, especially with new product launches.

And this is where Tactical Solutions come in. The a2 Territory Sales Managers have a unique role. Yes they ensure that availability is excellent, support with distribution is optimal and waste is efficiently managed, but they can’t do any of that without raising awareness of a2 Milk and its benefits first.

This is how their mantra: education, education, education came into play.


Acting as part of the a2 family, they conduct active selling sessions with customers, offer discount vouchers to give them an opportunity to trial the product and do sampling sessions. By educating staff in store, they can then pass the message further, giving them the tools and the knowledge to inform customers.

And they even take their work home with them. One Territory Sales Manager has been known to take a2 milk to the gym, sharing the nutritional benefits with fellow fitness fans. This above and beyond attitude, is because the team genuinely believe in the product and its benefits. And it’s worked. Availability in Tesco grew from 93.9% in January 2014 to 99.3% in December 2014.

Is someone representing your brand in store? Is someone raising your brand’s profile on the front line? Talk to our team to see how we can help to educate your audience.