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How to Plan for an Egg-cellent Easter


How to Plan for an Egg-cellent Easter


The Easter market is estimated to be worth £400million and growing – with families making more and more of the holiday weekend. It’s time to make sure your Easter planning is crackingly good for the next 10 weeks.

Although it feels like Christmas has just finished, retailers and brands have made a quick turnaround shifting the focus to Easter – products are already firmly on the shelves.


Cathy Evans, managing director of Tactical Solutions, said: “This industry is so fast passed that we has just made it out of the Golden Quarter before we are straight into another calendar event – there is no time for rest.


“Easter gets bigger every year and with the amount of money UK consumers pay for chocolate this is one event that needs to be planned well in advance.


“At Tactical Solutions our experienced and knowledgeable field sales team are already planning activity. They are in the best position to advise brands and retailers on the most appropriate approach to execute one day promotions, ensuring the activity is fully implemented at each store, nationwide.


“Everyone should be prepared for this event well in advance as it also takes time ensure appropriate stock levels and the right space is allocated to the right high selling SKU’s. Don’t forget support is strong for British brands during Easter week – ensure your products use this to their advantage.”


Cathy has listed her top tips for a successful Easter campaign.

  1. Plan for unexpected weather

There have been trends in recent years that indicate that warmer than usual Spring weather can increase sales. Responding quickly to the change in weather is vital to make the most of the potential boost. This is what is referred to as ‘Thermal Planning’, meaning that if there is a sudden change in temperature, our field sales team is able to respond to this efficiently and effectively by adding additional lines and stock within a 24 to 48 hour period, as timing is everything.


  1. Encourage family fun

In store displays and samplings that focus on the family will attract more customers. There is a lot of competition at Easter so brands need to stand out and be visible

  1. Know your supply chain

Using your data correctly will allow you to order what you need and when you need it, eliminating waste and ensures a right first time approach. In partnership with Aethon analytics, we have developed our unique TSeye data tool which enables us to use EPOS data to identify issues at individual store sku level. This intelligent information offers value insight for our clients and appropriate changes can be made, when necessary, quickly.

  1. The early bird catches the egg

Starting activity early helps prevent products being left on the shelf and also gives the opportunity to send in additional stock if necessary. One of our services helps ensure all product included in the promotion are removed from the warehouse and placed on the shop floor to drive and maximise sales in the last week of activity, through effective visibility and merchandising.

  1. Easter is more than just chocolate

The Easter weekend is the first long weekend since Christmas so people are making the most of it – spending time with the family, DIY, gardening etc – there are plenty of Easter sales on so there is plenty of opportunity to capitalise on this, don’t just believe because you’re not confectionery the consumer isn’t open for promotions and introductions to other products. Be savvy and get creative with your brand.


Speak to one of our team today to make sure you have a cracking Easter.