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What do you expect to see in 2018?


For many it’s always nice to see January out the way as it’s a time for the blues, however in retail it’s in fact a very exciting and promising time. The start of the year marks discussion and debate around upcoming trends, what’s next for the industry and exciting developments in technology and what NPD we can expect to see over the next twelve months.


So, we thought we would ask a selection of Team Tactical what they think 2018 will be bringing for the retail, field sales and FMCG industries. Here’s what they had to say…


Vickie Farrington – Territory Sales Manager

“What I expect to see from 2018 in store is a large number of ‘healthy eating’ and vegetarian food options being introduced to stores. I think it’s obvious to see that everyone is looking to get in shape after Christmas and new year and I do also think people are more health conscious these days”.


Ryan Waddon – Regional Sales Manager

“Store hours are increasingly coming under pressure and as staff levels are reduced, on shelf availability is suffering – we see that every day in stores. Luckily for our teams we are able to ensure any ‘out of stocks’ or ‘low stocked’ lines are investigated and put right before leaving store.


“As technology is constantly changing, I expect to see retailer system changes in 2018 – last year we saw Tesco move to an app to place orders and I do think the other retailers will move towards this in the coming months”.



Elliott Baker – Field Sales Controller

“The world of FMCG continues to change and we are now calling more frequently outside of the traditional top 4 retailers with our customers adding additional focus to high street, convenience and discounters. The team have always had a reputation in the market place as experts in the top 4 retailers and with the additional focus that has been put on training in the other formats in 2017 and continuing into 2018 will extend our expertise across all UK retail outlets.”


Kate Speakman – National account manager

“What I expect to see from 2018 is an increase in clients using data to determine which stores are underperforming and to drive more targeted call lists. I think there will be a stronger focus on ROI in every campaign we undertake to show the value of our calls.


“Clients will be more forward thinking and be planning ahead using joint business plans based on results of previous years activities. They will also want to be as reactive as possible in store, which is where Tactical Solutions can help with our flexibility and quick turnaround to starting calls”.


David Rees – Sales Director

“More of the same. In 2018 we will continue to see the volatility in the market place we have seen for the last few years, the discounters will strengthen their position, the larger retailers will be looking for ways to remain competitive, brands will seek “white space” in convenience, from on line and food to go, to grow and unlock changing shopper habits as millennials intensify their impact on the UK market place.


“The environmental impact of packaging and food waste will intensify and challenger brands and SME’s will seek to gain traction in the market place by differentiating themselves from the mainstream heritage brands and exploiting new and emerging trends. What an exciting and energising time to be in our industry. Leaders must ensure that their organisations are evolving at pace, remain agile to grab opportunities and nurture and develop their trusted partnerships! Exciting times indeed.”


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