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How To Find The Golden Egg This Easter

We get our first hint of Easter sales just after Christmas, as the festive displays get taken down, they are replaced with those stacked shelves of chocolate eggs and other goodies, ready for the Easter rush.


But is the Easter holiday as big a sales peak as it used to be?


For decades, Easter used to be that essential boost for retailer recovering after the Christmas lull. However over the past five years, Mother’s Day has proved to be more popular with a higher sales opportunity for brands and retailers, with a consumer spend of £1.4billion. Not only that The Guardian reported on Easter 2017 stating consumers seem to have shifted their expenditure towards socialising rather than consumer goods.


So more than ever, there is perhaps pressure to ensure this year is a shopping success for both retailer and brands. And this year it all comes down to timing. Thanks to how the Easter weekend has fallen, pay day for most people will be just before the start of the Bank Holiday, therefore people will be looking to splurge.


Our retail experts at Tactical believe the sales period in the run up to Easter throughout March will be slow, however in the last week sales and interest will increase dramatically. So what does that mean for your displays and products?


Our territory sales managers will be hitting the road the week of Easter to place ‘last minute’ promotional offers, price drops and offers to entice the consumer. Easter is a key time that the consumer will bulk buy the same or very similar product, so our team in the field recommends embracing this, now is the perfect opportunity to go BIG on those multi-buy offers.


However this needs planning ahead, a multi-buy offer the week running up to Easter might sound like the ideal chance to increase expenditure, however you’ll fall at the first hurdle if your stock levels can’t live up the required demand. Your Easter could turn into a real bad egg if shoppers visit your stay in anticipation of a deal, only to find empty shelves.


So think ahead, consider the usual Easter rush, the shopping behaviour of your customer and what your expectations for the promotional offer are. Be realistic with your ordering, something our TSMs can help with, you don’t want too much stock it goes to waste, however too little stock and you could potentially lose a consumer for good.


Our TSMs can advise and help every step of the way, by understanding your store, brand’s product range and the consumer demographic to the local area, backed up with real time data from in-store, our team out the field can be the ones that truly make the difference for your brand this Easter.


So what you waiting for? It’s not too late to make your Easter a cracking one this April. Speak to one of our team now.