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Show the Love this Valentine’s Day

Yes that’s right, we’re already talking Valentine’s Day when Christmas hasn’t even begun yet.


Yet we all know to maximise those sales opportunities in retail and the FMCG sector it’s crucial to plan ahead, our 16 week rule is key to success for retail and promotional events, read more about that here.


Valentine’s Day is one of the most important events in the retail calendar, and it’s the grocery sector taking most of the sales, with nearly 80% of all purchases. Yes you might scoff at the thought of Feb14, but don’t be fooled, this one day event can give brands and retail that critical boost after the post Golden Quarter sales dip.


But like any relationship, you have to make it work and the more you put in the more you’ll get out. Valentine’s Day might seem soppy but instead of treating it like a fickle school crush, you should give it the attention and thought it needs.


£1.6billion is spent on gifts for February 14 and a whopping £40millom is spent on just Valentine’s cards. So how do you make the consumer stay loyal to your brand and retailer?


It’s increasingly hard to create shopper loyalty, especially when the new shiny option comes onto the scene, with a better offer. We’ve all been there. But don’t follow the crowd, focus on those long-term relationships and create fireworks in store.


So when it comes to your Valentine’s marketing, what are our relationship rules to follow:



  • Honesty – stay true to your brand and do your research, find out what your shopper wants and loves, and direct all your love to them.


  • Make the right impression – Yes Valentine’s Day is a one day event, with a week before of sales opportunities. However that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be well thought out and planned effectively, if it looks tacky so will your brand.


  • Be the One – Valentine’s Day is just for one day, but by making an effort and showing your love for the customer, can actually be the start of a beautiful relationship blossoming that could last a lifetime.



February 14 gives retailers and brands the chance to interact with consumers for effectively what is the first time in the new year. It can create personal and emotional purchases that tie the consumer to your brand.


Valentine’s Day has longevity and purpose, but you need to be ready and organised to make the consumer swoon.


By partnering with our In Store Sales teams and retail experts, we can create all the added romance needed for your brand. We can help improve your sales and maximise every single opportunity so you remain number one in all the hearts of your consumers.


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