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Get an A+ for Your Back To School Campaign

It seems daunting to think this but it’s time to think Back to School. Children will be breaking up from school in no time, and that means the return of those school themed aisles are crucial.


We get it, might feel a little premature, but there’s so much to be thinking about, from, uniform, shoes, PE kit to stationary. Not forgetting, the lunch options for the year ahead. In the US alone last year, the Back To School spend was $27 billion and in the UK last year the campaign saw the most growth in sales and consumer spend since Easter.


In the run up to the return to school, with shopping at a peak, we would expect to see some cross selling promotions in stores. Stores such as WH Smith and Amazon are fantastic at finding those way to increase additional sales opportunities.


Shopping time for BTS is very formulaic, and often habitual. Online shopping will peak and end a lot earlier than offline shopping. Some customers will even wait until their children have returned to school believing they will get better deal once term time begins. However it’s  not just the parents that get to choose the BTS products, with the children having strong influence and decision over the purchases.


This is where strong POS and fixture displays will really come into their own. Give people options and ideas to bring two products together, from lunchboxes in the vegetable aisle to stationery with the bags. Bring products together to let the consumer decide. It’s about making it as easy as possible for the consumer, providing them the option to search and explore the different options without having to search through different aisles, or even stores.


It’s so easy for the shopper to get blindsided by too many options, so think about how each display is laid out and analyze how your brand works with the other products.


Never forget about price, this will continue to be a top factor when influencing the decision of where to shop for BTS supplies. It would seem that price trumps quality in this case. However don’t less this fool you, BTS consumers remain habitual so if you compromise on quality, you may find that your consumer doesn’t return to you the following year.


Finally, don’t forget BTS campaigns aren’t just aimed at parents and children; there are the teachers too! More and more teachers are expected to spend on their own supply, therefore make sure your communication and potential promotion targeting clearly reaches out to this sector too. An exclusive teacher discount is always a great way to secure buy in.

Speak to our team today to see how you can get the grades this Back To School season…