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Getting Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner. You can almost smell the return of BBQ season, freshly cut grass and hundreds of ice-lollies. But are you ready for the busy summer sales season? Often in the FMCG sector, we spend so long focused on Christmas, we can easily forget about the sales peaks in the middle of the year.


In August 2016, the quantity bought (volume) of retail sales from food stores is estimated to have increased by 6.2% compared with August 2015. This summer we believe it is key to ensure stores are prepared for the summer rush, so here are our tips on how…


Make the Great Outdoors your friend

Summer is the perfect time for sampling. The hot weather often means that people are in a relaxed mood and more open for sampling suggestions. Plus, there’s always a variety of summer festivals and fairs happening that could offer your brand the perfect chance to put a product in front of a target audience. Sampling isn’t the only good idea for summer, also look at your product and think about how it might be used over the summer holidays, is it good for BBQs? Long summer evenings? Or the perfect beach picnic? Well make sure your marketing material, displays and field teams are communicating that message too.


Raise the temperature with a summer sale

Usually when we talk about sales it’s always about the Golden Quarter period, however a summer sale can be a great way of getting those sales to soar. The summer season is a key time for sales, as people become more inclined to spend a little extra, whether it be a bottle of Pimms, refreshing fruit such as strawberries or their favourite ice lolly. So have some fun with your discounts and offers available throughout this period – Remember you want to reward your consumers.


Not forgetting tourist trade, if you’re based in a popular destination it’s important to capitalise on the tourist trades. Visitors are more likely to spend money, so make sure your offers and discounts are of interest to this sector.


Increase the heat around Summer Sports

For retailers, the next six months will be focused on heavy promotional activity. From the start of June, the amount of activities and events celebrated and promoted in store are at an all time high. From the Rugby to Cricket and Wimbledon to Formula 1, brands and stores will be looking to capitalise on every single one these, after all, one customer might love one sporting event, but the next not be as interested.


Each store will be looking for significant volume uplift driven through multi-buy promotions. This quantity discount is offered by retailers for a discount on purchasing more than one of the product, in other words a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF).


Multi-buys are a quick and easy promotion to give real measureable results. Perfect for an event like the Wimbledon when there is a high-pressured sales period and a need to combat competitor activities. However this type of activity has a high cost associated, which usually falls straight onto the brand and not the retailer, therefore store buy-in and strong execution at shop floor level is crucial to make it a success.


There are so many opportunities this summer so don’t miss out. Speak to one of our retail experts today and make your summer sales are an absolute scorcher.