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Halloween – How to keep it sweet…

Here at Tactical, we love Halloween. Not only is it one of the best FMCG retail opportunities in the year, it also signals the start of The Golden Quarter for our clients (plus we get to eat lots of sweets).

Over the years’, we’ve spoken at length about how to maximise those crucial sales in the run up and during Halloween period, and thanks to our experience, we’ve picked up some key findings about the retail event, which we’ve shared with you below…

Think about all ages…

Twenty years ago, Halloween was a minor holiday event, usually targeted at just children for trick or treat. However, with significant influence from across the Atlantic, the holiday has built up to become the third biggest FMCG retail event in the annual calendar. So, these days when you’re planning your campaign or products for the holiday, don’t just focus on children.

More and more adult Halloween parties and events are happening across the UK, therefore your product, which may not have been relevant to the holiday a decade ago, could now capitalise on the spending opportunities throughout November.

Millennials are a big part of the reason as to why Halloween has become such a massive part of the retail calendar. With a sales value of nearly £400m each year, it’s the millennials that are driving this sector forward. Costumes, confectionery and alcohol see the biggest leap, with Mintel reporting that 55% of 22 – 24 years will spend on one of these products especially for Halloween.

Our TSMs and retail experts can demonstrate how to target these different audiences, and the best time to implement these sales and displays to maximise your sales opportunities.

Don’t spook customers with too much sugar

It’s all too easy to think about sugar when it comes to Halloween, however as we become more and more health conscious, it’s important that brands keep this in mind for any NPD hitting the shelves in time for Halloween.

Gone are the days where sugar reigned supreme in confectionery products, instead parents look for healthier ‘treat’ alternatives to give to children throughout the period. For example, popcorn has seen a massive increase across both the kids and adult markets, with an increasing number of brands capitalising on this food trend.

Create an experience

It’s all too easy for the consumer to simply go online now to choose their Halloween purchases, therefore stores and brands need to become more experiential around this period. One way is to create events in store that will drive people to visit and encourage engagement with a product they might not have originally come into store to purchase.

Halloween might seem far away but in the retail world it’s time to start planning. Don’t let your products and promotions be taken to the graveyard, it’s time to plan those campaigns and make your sales frighteningly good.

Speak to our team today about making your Halloween a spooktacular event for your consumers and for your sales.