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How brands can win the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby world cup kicks off on 18th September, hosted in the UK for the first time since 1999. The event is predicted to add £2.2 billion to the UK economy and with the absence of the football world cup this year, this is an opportunity that brands and retailers can’t afford to miss. In  fact, The Guardian said that the event would be the biggest sports event on UK soil since the 2012 Olympics.

An estimated 92% of rugby fans will watch the world cup at home which means the opportunity for brands is massive, from snacks to beer and party materials.

And brands are already on the ball.

Coca-Cola is about to launch its Rugby World Cup 2015 campaign next week, giving away up to one million limited edition Coca-Cola rugby balls as it looks to excite the nation ahead of the tournament. Heineken, the official beer sponsor has also unveiled its off trade plans with the aim of “bringing fans closer to the action.” Both brands are championing experience, both online and in store.

From limited edition packaging, flavours, competitions, promotions and merchandising, brands are preparing to make the most of the incremental sales this event is sure to bring. Last year’s football world cup lifted consumer spending to a four year high so sales could really soar this year.


And with the right mix of marketing, using the most relevant channels, at the right time and in the right place, your brand can have a winning world cup season, even if your team doesn’t. Last Football world cup, we supported our client, Kettle Chips, creating in-store theatre, adding extra displays and new lines, in the highest profile positions.The line-up worked, and over 5 weeks we achieved a 16% increase in sales. Timing and visibility were everything. If you were in a store at the time, there was no way you could have missed the Kettle displays. And that’s the way it should be.


The rugby world cup may be a different ball game, but we use the same game winning tactics. Interested? Just get in touch