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How To Prepare For Christmas 2015

It’s the biggest sales surge in the retail calendar, with a spend last December of £9 billion per week. So how do we prepare for this crucial period? Let’s start by looking at what happened in 2014:

Shoppers left it late to buy

Last year people spent on average £33 on last minute purchases in the run up to Christmas. This means that some brands were not prepared for the last minute rush and the late surge in product demand.

 Increase in online shopping

15% of sales were online compared to 5.5% in 2013. This means that retailers need to adopt a more joined up approach, bringing the online and in store experience together.

Discounters came out in force

55% of people claimed to have visited a food discount store during December compared to 38% in 2010, adding more price competition to the marketplace.

Growth in local suppliers

From butchers to delis, more people wanted to buy local.


Christmas packages in a miniature shopping cart.

Christmas packages in a miniature shopping cart.

With these type of challenges forming the foundations of Christmas 2015, brands need to be planning now with 3 clear stages:


  1. Preselling into retailers

Retailers are already signing off plans now. Pre-selling Christmas to stores early to ensure Christmas plans are executed with excellence in store.


  1. Increasing visibility

Extra displays, POS and off shelf displays will maximise visibility, particularly in high footfall areas. In such competitive environments, it is vital that brand representatives are communicating with retailers to ensure products are given the shelf and promotional space required.


  1. Ensuring products are available

Timing and availability is crucial during this period. Our brand new data solution, TSeye provides unique store level insight to enable you to intelligently invest in excellent execution. IGD have  estimated that out of stock situations have cost the top 4 £2 billion and that out of stock scenarios have risen to 64% on a main shop. Crucially, 30% of consumers say they would switch brand when faced with an out of stock situation.

Want to prepare for this crucial Christmas period and maximise sales? Of course you do. Just get in touch with a member of our team, and together we can ensure your product is the one that makes it to the checkout.