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Is your brand ready for the weekend rush?

Saturday and Sunday remain the biggest trading days in stores.

Despite this boost in both customers and spend, stores operate with skeleton staff on a Sunday, functioning with the smallest number of staff needed. This means there’s a limited number of staff available to ensure your brand has the best availability and visibility. The consequences of this are evident…

  • 64% of shoppers claim that they have experienced an out stock situation during their last main shop to a supermarket, compared to 41% in 2011.*
  • When faced with this situation, 30% of shoppers said they would switch brands. Customers, understandably expect their favourite brands to be available and inaccessibility can easily turn them off a brand and on to the competition. *
  • As a result, the IGD calculated a loss of £2 billion has been lost across the top 4 supermarkets due to out of stock situations. A problem that can easily be avoided.


The solution

We cover the top 100 stores, 52 weeks a year, across Saturday or Sunday. We prioritise your product’s presence to drive effective ROI.

This means that you’ll have someone representing your brand, like an extension of your own team. They’ll be there to ensure that your brand has permanent visibility, and isn’t neglected during peak sales Sunday. From maximising off shelf displays, to maximising the visibility of offers, raising awareness of promotions and making sure all merchandising is at its most effective.  Working with Tactical Solutions and our team of retail experts is the secret to a winning a sales solution.

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* quote source IGD 2014