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Make Sure Your Halloween is a Screamer

Yes it might sound crazy to be talking about Halloween already but anyone in the FMCG world will know that it’s only round the corner. And the initial planning stages should we well underway. In 2015, sales of Halloween products reached more than £240million and the one day event has now become the second biggest event after Christmas. So who should we be targeting this sales too?


Over the past five years, Halloween has had some what of a frightening resurgence, which is said to be down to the younger generation enthusiasm for the festivities. Taking a more US style to Halloween, the majority of related products were bought by people in the 16 – 34 years old, according to Mintel. Some are putting it down to the level of vampire, zombie and horror programme and films now available, with the younger generation keen to emulate their favourite one.

This event, along with Easter and Christmas, is the perfect time for FMCG to shine. Most products purchased are to be confectionary, food and costumes, and the UK food and drink sector has not been slow to make its mark on the season with the number of food and drink products launched with a mention of Halloween growing by 263% between 2009 and 2013.

Therefore brands need to ensure more than ever that their items are being presented to consumers in a way that best capitalizes on the impulse purchase Halloween atmosphere.

Brand have already started communication with retailer on the products that will be going out with from the middle of September and throughout October. Gaining store buy in from this early stage will be incremental in the success of your Halloween period.

Zombie Green Hand Hold Shopping Bag With Treat Graveyard Vector Illustration

Zombie Green Hand Hold Shopping Bag With Treat Graveyard Vector Illustration


Unlike other holidays, cost is always kept low when it comes Halloween, even though the sector does continue to grow is importance, average spend will remain low, with confectionery remaining the most popular category to spend on. So the next challenge will be to entice the spenders, and we know who these are, to increase their spend from just confectionery to the more expensive non-food items.

As always Visibility, Accessibility and Availability are keen to smash last year’s results and make sure your Halloween is a screamer.

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