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Make the Most of the Sun

Make the Most of the Sun


April is usually a wet month; BUT the Met Office has informed us that the sun is here to stay. And whilst there might still be a nip in the air, people really don’t care, with consumer spending on the up – so make the most of it and maximise sales over the next five days.


We get it, predicting the weather and consumer behaviour are two extremely difficult tasks. When the weather changes like it has, it’s important to have a strong thermal plan in place. All of a sudden people will be reaching for those ciders and sausages, rather than the hot cocoa and soups.


So what do you need to remember during this time?


It’s simple and comes in three keys words: availability, timing and visibility.


When the weather warms up, it’s during these short, sharp bursts that a product needs to easily and rapidly add to its lines and meet the increased demand. You need to make sure it’s your brands product that has the most visibility and is well merchandised.


It’s called thermal planning. You’ll have heard about it before from us, but seriously instead of thinking better luck next time, move quickly and get planning.


The sales team at Tactical is able to respond to this action efficiently and effectively by adding additional lines and stock within a 24 to 48 hour period, as timing is everything.


Consumers are expected to have different needs during these times, which will result in particular brand purchases to match these rare and uncertain occasions. So what better time to make your brand be the hero of the moment?


Make sure you work with the retailers in this time. It’s having a personal relationship that will ensure rapid action when the sunshine strikes. And could seriously make the difference between a success and failure. We all see it happen, when the sun comes out all of sudden there’s BBQs ranges and suntan lotion right at the front of the store, and who is making this happen? It’s the brand ambassadors (like us!) and the in-store teams!


So having that personal relationship goes a long way into helping to generate bigger and better displays in high footfall areas.


What you waiting for? This is England after all, the sun won’t last forever.


Need some support speak to our retail experts right now to not miss your next sale.