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Making an Impact In Store


When we first meet our clients, they are so passionate about their brand and its products making an impact, and so they should be.  As we set about our work creating our own brand ambassadors for the client, we too end up getting as equally excited and passionate about the brand.


When our brand ambassadors, known as Territory Sales Managers, visit retail stores across the country to help maximise those crucial sales for the client, sometimes this same enthusiasm is not reflected in its own store staff.  We get it.  The shop floor team probably speak to a lot of brand ambassadors and representatives throughout the week, so it can be hard to be motivated and excited about every single product and promotion.


We’ve rounded up our top three ways to keep store staff interested in your product and help drive those crucial sales when we aren’t on shop floor.



It’s great working with a brand to create these amazing offers and competitions to help drive sales of a particular product, but without the support of the shop floor team these can often get forgotten about.

But why should a staff member show loads of interest in helping your product? Whilst it’s great if the team member is naturally enthusiastic about their duties, not everyone has this same level of interest, therefore a simple incentive and competition between stores can be just the encouragement they need

Whether it be a prize for the store or for each individual, by incentivising the team and keeping their interest over a significant period of time you can ensure you make a real difference to your products sales and profit, at every store level.

When deciding what the incentive or competition will be, make sure it’s relevant and of interest to the majority of staff members.

Keep it mainstream and not too quirky, one of our clients launched a competition for one member of the team to win tickets to The Brits – this resonated with a lot of people and drove those sales magnificently.


Create Champions

Speak to store managers about creating champions of your brand and its products.

You’ll be surprised how many individuals would love to take on more responsibilities at work; after all it makes their day more fun.

Provide these team members with challenges and targets. And again an incentive now and then won’t go a miss.

If anyone needs some slight encouragement, show them another store’s figures, sometimes it’s all the incentive they need to smash their targets – a bit of healthy competition is only ever a good thing.


Become their friend and help…

One of the most important pieces of training we share with our own brand ambassadors before they head out into the field, is the importance of relationships.

At  Tactical, we want to make a real difference, and the main way we’re going to do that is by creating strong relationships with everyone we work with.

So when it comes to brand ambassadors, we encourage each and every single one to build strong and loyal relationships with the store managers and the team at store level.

From knowing them personally, asking how they are, finding out what they like and most importantly of all, offering to help them out on the shop floor when needed.

If they look to be struggling with something, don’t ignore them if it’s got nothing to do with your brand. Get stuck in, help out and make a difference to their working day. We promise they’ll remember your brand so much more than those who don’t stop for a chat or offer that extra support in a time of need.

Want to create your own brand ambassadors with the help of Tactical, call us today.