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Mothering Sunday – Make your brand feel special….

Mothering Sunday – Make your brand feel special….


As one of the biggest sales peaks in the year, Mothering Sunday is a major player when it comes to the retail calendar. Just short of £1billion will be spent to celebrate this March day. In 2016 alone £930million was spent on Mothers, with an average spend £58, and the majority of that spend coming into the FMCG sector.


So how do brands stay fresh for this growing concept? How can brands and retailers stay relevant to its audience and gain those oh so important sales they desire.


Stay relevant – use your data

Don’t think that the same mothers day communication and message from ten years ago will work with the mothers of today. Just because they’re a Mum, doesn’t mean they are the same. Keep it relevant and fresh.


Use your data, whether it’s how your consumer shops in store, what they look for online or why they choose your product, your data is your hidden treasure and will help create a clear picture of how to communicate your Mothers Day message.


If you’re still not sure, speak to our retail experts who can analyze data to reveal how to capitalize on those current mum interests, to help you gain a better understanding of the type of products they would most like to receive.


Make it personal

 Keep your promotional activity fresh by looking at how people interact and communicate on Mothers Day. After all it’s about love. So play on that emotional aspect of the event, don’t focus purely on pushing product, as the consumer won’t be interested. It’s time to make it personal, but at the same time not a complete side step away from what your product is about. Both need to fuse together, in a subtle way.


If your product is so the opposite of this, well it’s best to stay away from this sales opportunity, your time will come. Don’t make something fit for the sake of sale. The consumer will see through your brand.


Incentives will win her heart

Mothers Day spend is far smaller compared to that of the Christmas period, so your consumer is more likely to be thinking pretty savvy about how they spend. Therefore a small incentive can really help people to become engaged with your product. And if you can make this part of the emotional pull too, well that’s all the better.


For once, don’t plan too early

Keep in mind that most people will be purchasing last minute for this event, so ensure you have heightened activity from five days before the event.


Looking at our TS eye data from previous years, we can see that most purchases are made within three days of event itself, so whilst it might be great to start a campaign weeks in advanced, it will not be of interest to the audience for a while, so keep any campaigns initiatives to the very last week, in the run up to Mother’s Day.


Want to show the love this Mother’s Day, speak to one of our retail experts here.