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Mother’s Day:  What You Need To Know

Mother’s Day is one of the most significant days in the retail calendar, especially for the start of the year.

So what can we learn from Mothering Sunday and what opportunities are available for brands, retailers and consumers?

  • Mother’s Day spend is on average £1.4billion per year, this is double the amount spent on Father’s Day
  • UK consumers believe Father’s Day is less important compared to Mother’s Day
  • Research by Mintel shows that it remains the most purchased for in the Spring/Summer season, beating all Valentine’s, summer sports and Bank Holidays, and even Easter!
  • The most popular gifts are: cards, flowers and perfume, however experimental gifts are proving a popular choice each year

What opportunities come with Mother’s Day?

  • Experimental gifts are starting to make more of an impact, which does impact the FMCG sectors sales, as people prioritise leisure over products. Brands can combat this by launching speciality food ranges for the consumer to cook at home, with this acting as the gift
  • We know flowers remain one of the most popular choices, but why has this come about? Clever marketing and instore positioning plays a key role in the success of this category during this sales period. The more a retailer allocates to a product with clear branding, in a prominent position, the more the consumer will buy. This is an area of great importance for our TSMs who can help create the ideal displays and store allocation…
  • Mother’s Day might be one of the biggest sales drives in Spring/Summer, however the purchaser’s choices are mainly driven by price and convenience. Resulting in supermarkets proving the most popular choice. Remember to make it easy for the consumer; they might already be in there shopping so whilst you have that captive audience, this is the perfect opportunity to draw their attention to your Mother’s Day aisles. Make is convenient, available and accessible.
  • Don’t forget those last minute opportunities, reports show that consumers often are purchasing Mother’s Day gifts even into the early evening of the actual day. So keep stock levels high to this point, don’t lose interest and make sure you have that much needed availability at all times…

Speak to one of our retail experts today for more information on Mother’s Day…