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On-The-Go Consumers in 2016

On-The-Go continues to be a strong contender for the lunchtime market we catch up with our Managing Director, Cathy Evans, on what to expect from this growing and all-encompassing sector….


“Many consumers who do to choose to eat on the go don’t want just a traditional sandwich or pasty for their lunch. Retail stores have reacted to this trend by increasing the availability of healthy options, a good variety of convenient foods, lighter meal offerings, affordable options and one-stop shopping.


Consumers now demand a variety of flavours and styles, with our taste palettes for lunch definitely expanding and we are eager to try new dishes.


Yet, as hectic schedules become the norm it’s essential that food is convenient and hassle free. For example Innocent Vegetable Pots to keep up with the demand for new, innovative flavours within the ready meal sector, are always positioned on the ‘food on the go’ aisles and target the lunch time crowd with the offer of a warm, microwavable option.


As we go into 2016, the lunch hour is no supposedly dead, with 67 per cent of office workers preferring to eat their lunch while at their desks as people are too time poor in the day to enjoy an one hour break away from work.


This is why supermarkets or convenience stores need to dedicate their first aisles solely to the ‘food on the go’ sector.


What we are seeing is the rise in products included in on these shelves – it’s no longer just a sandwich and a bottle of pop. The consumers wants to have the option of soups, microwavable pots or sushi, alongside this the beverage sector has needed to evolve to included health alternatives including fruit juices, flavoured waters and easy juice cartons.


Promotions are changing, retailers and brands are seeing the need to hold cross promotions with two different products that complement one another.


If we take soup as an example, this is a product that will always be seen on our shelves, in one form or another, however to keep the consumer interested it is vital that soup brands create targeted promotional activity that relates to the audience. By offering a baguette with a carton of soup this acts as the perfect lunchtime option that increases the sales for both the brand and the retailer.


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