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Part 2

In Part 1, we covered how to prepare for the golden quarter in August and September. In Part 2, we look at the next crucial stages of October  and November, as the big day gets closer.

October and November

Over these two months there’s a lot more activity happening on the shop floor, from Halloween, Bonfire Night and the recent addition of Black Friday. It’s over these two months that a brand is likely to see the most spikes and dips in its sales results, thanks to these key annual events driving consumer spending.

Therefore during this time it is vital that distribution and availability continue to be driven to maintain the strong position secured in September. Brand ambassadors need to be ensuring they visit all stores, but prioritising those stores that more space and availability needs to be capitalised on. It’s at this time that promotional activity needs to be secured and sold in to the stores to help a brand deliver on its proposed sales for the period. Having the support and backing of the store team will aid the brand during this time substantially, by gaining buy-in from each store will safeguard that promotional activity is executed efficiently and effectively with the best possible results.

Securing additional space for Halloween and Bonfire Night will also be beneficial for the key Christmas period. Retaining this additional space secured in the early part of the Golden Quarter will mean a brand’s availability and visibility will run right into the peak Christmas season.

The most vital point to remember during October and November is to not get blindsided by Halloween and Bonfire activity. Think of the bigger picture, see the Golden Quarter as a whole. If you manage to secure more space during Halloween and Bonfire, hold on to as much of this additional space as possible, in the run up to Christmas. Always remember to have buy-in from the individual store team to help pre-sell and up-talk a brand’s promotional activity.


Definitely the busiest time for any brand, availability and visibility need to be key at this time. Promotional activity will be in full swing, therefore is vital that a brand generates as much extra displays and space as possible during this time. At this point in the season it’s about sustaining, maintaining and building momentum of the key products on the shop floor.

December can quite quickly go into disarray, so a brand needs to retain a constant presence in each store, be considerate to the staff, support during this busy time, but always ensure that you are driving through on availability and selling through of any additional seasonal SKUs. Maintain visibility and always keep an eye on what the competition is doing in store.

Planning early from September will guarantee that you avoid over stocking stores during December, causing a waste of stock and a loss in sales.”


Never forget about January, what retailers often see is a lack of resource available as holiday embargoes are lifted. Therefore this is a time to re-group and take stock of what is happening at store level. A brand should re-establish on-going space in store, confirm all facings and capacities are correct, resolve stock errors and evaluate each store’s plan and sales. By planning ahead and evaluating at key times will ensure you really start the New Year in the most profitable and effective way.

To put these steps into action and maxamise your sales this Christmas, get in touch with our Christmas elves.