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Hopping In To Easter


At Tactical, our 16 week rule is one of the most important mantras we carry with us. Planning ahead is essential for success and to maximise those sales opportunities (yes we’re talking about that AGAIN), So it’s time to think Easter in retail.

We’ve already seen some of those delicious chocolate eggs hitting the shelves, so how do we make sure we’re ready to make it the success it needs to be?

Easter is a traditional holiday that sees consumers of all ages celebrate with family and friends, however little or large their budget might be. Some consumers will just focus on those delightful chocolate eggs we all love to receive, yet more than ever the Easter impact can be seen across food, gadget, electrical, fashion and budget categories. Therefore ALL retailers need to be geared up for the sales peak, this is not just one for the grocery sector.


As a result of the diversification in gifts, comes smart shoppers, who plan to compare prices, research each item for the best offer, whether that be in store or online, and will always take full advantage of promotions.


So it’s time to think savvy but simple. Easter is the perfect time to utilise those promotions. Having such a key and well known theme like Easter ensures your offer will stand out and won’t drown in the rest of the noise in store throughout the year.


ASDA’s virtual egg hunt in-store, was a great strategy a couple of years back. After creating the app, the store’s encouraged shoppers to unlock games with their smart phone and finding unique deals for in-store. An activity like this would be perfect on one specific shopping day, for example Easter Saturday, which according to Shopper Trak is the busiest sales day across all of Europe throughout the four day holiday, with the quietest day being Easter Monday.


It’s vital your Easter displays and in-store theatre stand out, all POS must be visible and a strong range available. It’s really key that displays stand out, POS is clear and there is a good range of eggs in store that will attract. Ideally you want your consumer to pick up our product early on in the promotion, as an impulse purchase, and don’t forget the last minute shoppers who will be looking for something on the day. So make it easier for them.


Cross merchandising is always such an amazing sales maximiser but is often forgotten about. Therefore display your chocolate eggs and other Easter goods with cards, wrapping paper, alcohol etc…This way you’ve brought consumer spend up AND created a second display space for your product.


Easter in retail isn’t just about chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, however tasty they might be. The long Bank Holidays results in a surge in other FMCG products, such as fresh flowers, fish, lamb and other traditional family meal produce.


Therefore retailers need to push their fresh produce to maximise consumer spend during the period. After all, consumers are likely to purchase chocolate eggs and Easter gifts at the same time, so it’s a double result for the retailers.


Are you ready for the Easter rush? Spring clean your planning with the help of our retail experts.