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Plan Your Product Recall to Perfection

Since the Volkswagon catastrophe a couple of years ago, product recall has become well reported in the news. The Guardian last year reported that recalls are at an all time high, fuelled by motor vehicle and food industries issuing health and safety risks, increased by 26% to 310 in 2014/15 from 245 the previous year, according to figures from London law firm RPC.
We all might wonder how these large conglomerates can make sure huge mistakes, smaller brands can just easily find themselves in some seriously sticky situations. Therefore it’s about learning how to deal with these situations in a timely and effective manner.
Dealing and managing a major product recall is something everything single brand should know how to deal with. The safety of your consumer is absolute paramount, so we all need to learn how to be prepared rather than simply ‘winging it’.
Our product recall team suggests that the best way forward is to ensure you have a framework a recall ready at all time. It has to cover all areas of the business, from the suppliers, operations and any legal implications. Obviously you can’t have every component ready to go, but by having a basic plan set in place, for the team to follow in any recall eventuality, we ensure consistency, efficiency, which will lead to a confident team with a slick process.
So what are the golden rules when it comes to recalls? The following must always be adhered to:
Timing is crucial – if you need a same day service the team at Tactical can help. Because when you need a product recall service, nothing is more important
Take responsibility – our retail experts will tell you this straight away, you can’t change what’s happened so now it’s about taking charge and minimising the damage. Public safety comes first and then brand trust and confidence. Ensure these two are safeguarded by demonstrating how proactive and transparent you are being with the crisis situation.
Communicate clearly – if you have the means of different ways of communicating the message, maximise those opportunities as much as possible. Don’t control damage by restricting communication, it’s better to give too much information rather than very little.
At Tactical Solutions, our recall team will become your guardian angel, where you’ll be assigned an account manager who will be with you every step of the way. We ensure that your products are withdrawn from retailers, wholesaler outlets and distribution centres as required. We assist you in getting new products back into the supply chain and return your products when required for testing, evaluation and examination.
If your brand reputation is on the line then you need to know you have a team you can trust to get things done, quickly, efficiently and transparently.
What you waiting for? It’s time to be proactive, speak to our recall team today