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Are You Ready for Father’s Day?


It might seem too soon to be talking about Father’s Day but lets be honest, we all know it’s going to come round in a flash. Come the beginning of May (next week people!), we will start to see the displays, aisles and POS start to filter into store. But why is Father’s Day often seen as a the lesser celebration and sales opportunity compared to Mother’s Day?


In 2015, 40% of UK consumers planned to buy retail goods for Father’s Day, however the majority believed the amount was a lot smaller occasion compared to the female equivalent. It is also suggested that the consumer will spend approximately £4-£5 less on Father’s Day compared to Mothering Sunday presents.


So is it worth the effort? The answer is yes, but it’s about making this promotional period work for everyone involved, from brand, retailer to consumer and of course, Dad.


So what the brands need to watch out for….


When planning and creating your Father’s Day branded displays in store, it’s important to think who is more likely to do the shopping. It is suggested that women are most likely to purchase something for their father, compared to males. Yet males are said to spend more on their Father’s compared to females.


It’s definitely a balancing act of creating the most interesting, enticing and cost effective displays. The point of a POS is to ensure it sells, therefore think about your customer demographic, how they shop and what they are most likely to be interested in.


Retailers, remember to ask your brand ambassadors for help?


If your store is sticking to the traditional products on offer, remember you can’t go wrong with cards, food & drink and clothing.


Cards remain the number one seller for this period, with the majority of consumers buying into this category. This is the perfect sales opportunity for supermarkets and convenience stores thanks to competitive prices, ease and variety ranges available.


Next up is food and drink, again another one for supermarkets and convenience, the majority of shoppers will look to buy alcohol, chocolates or a special treat.


So think wisely about what should make the cut, your brand ambassadors should be able to provide information on particular brands that prove most popular with dads. But don’t be afraid to try something a little different, experiment with the latest craft beer or crazy chocolate flavour you never know it might become a best seller for June 19.


And finally the consumer…

So this is to all of us, don’t leave Father’s Day to the last minute this year. When you’re in store take the time to look at the displays, speak to the store’s staff, you never know you might be just be surprised with what you come out with….