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The Retail Calendar for 2018 – what to look out for…

Everyone else might be getting into full swing of the Christmas countdown, but we’re already planning the retail events for 2018. Are you ready? It’s never too late to start planning.

Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to stick to the 16 week planning rule? We promise it will be one you definitely don’t break. So what key events can you be getting ready over next three months?

25 January – Burn’s Night

Originally a Scottish tradition, this fun evening can often see a spike in alcohol, especially Scotch whisky (of course) and not forgetting sales of those neeps and tatties for the true scots.


5 February – The Super Bowl

This American export has become a popular event in the UK, with many staying up late into the night to watch the televised event. Expect a big sales peak in snacks, food on the go and beer. Crisps and sharer style packets are a big hit for this one night event. Any left over Christmas stock? This is the perfect opportunity to shift stock.


14 February – Valentine’s Day

So what to expect, of course the usual; roses, perfume, chocolates and so many gifts, Mintel reported £500m sales in 2016 for the one-day event. There’s never much need to stray too far from the usual products and promotions, the old favourites really do keep love blossoming for brands and retailers. Don’t forget those combined food promotion, M&S meal for £10 continues to be a huge success, capitalising on days like Valentine’s to maximise sales.

11 March – Mother’s Day

Another opportunity for those florists and chocolatiers to bring in more of sales spike in the first three months of the year. Dual promotions work well for Mother’s Day, so have a think about which products can you bring together – chocolates and champagne? Flowers and sweets? Bring two popular products that you know the consumer will love and we promise it won’t just be the mums of the UK feeling loved this Mother’s Day.

30 March – Good Friday

We often see the first sign of Easter just after Christmas, which for many might seem too soon but actually when the event makes over £1 billion for the FMCG industry, it’s definitely an event that can’t be overlooked. Don’t just think about chocolate, thanks to the long weekend people get stuck into DIY, so get your hammers, drills and painting goods at the ready.

1 April – Easter Sunday

One out of two days we can expect retail stores to be closed, which of course can have an impact on sales so make the most of the run up to Easter and Good Friday!  Children on average receive 8.8 Easter eggs, according to Birmingham Mail, so make sure your chocolate egg is one of those 8…even the .8 will do!

So how can Tactical help?

As retail experts we plot these calendar events out months in advance, planning with our clients and retail stores to ensure maximum sales. From special promotions, creating special POS to merchandising those themed aisles, we ensure our clients have the best opportunities in store, always keeping in mind ROI for every single campaign. As always the first place to start is planning, so speak to our retail team on how we can help the beginning of 2018 be your best yet.