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Retail lessons in love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just tug at your heart strings, it pulls at your purse strings too. In fact, at least £1.6bn is spent on gifts and treats for the occasion and last year 44% of shoppers bought their partner something for Valentine’s Day.

Love in store

However convenient online shopping may be, with an emotional purchase, there’s more incentive to go in store and have a hands on experience.

That’s where POS suits, packaging, themed displays and discounts inspire shoppers, and take them on a seamless journey to the checkout.


Feel valued

Of course the modern day romantic won’t fall head over heels for an item, they’re savvier and want value for money. They want a bargain, without being thought of as cheap so that more money can be spent on life ‘experiences’ like dining out.

Supermarkets sweep you off your feet

Supermarkets do notoriously well at Valentine’s Day, because it’s a one stop shop.

77% of Valentine’s-shoppers bought their products from grocery retailers in 2015. Of those people, women were more likely to pick up a card or gift wrap, while men were more likely to get the full package, perhaps a reflection of how comfortable they feel with supermarkets.

In 2016, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, extending the event to a weekend activity and giving brands a bigger shop window of opportunity. As long as data insights are used to manage stock levels effectively, this can be a massive opportunity.

Commitment to a long term relationship

Brands should see Valentine’s Day as less of a fling, and more of a long term relationship. Use Valentine’s Day to create positive, authentic experiences with customers. Rekindle the romance and bring some magic back in to the store.

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