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The Royal Baby Boom

With today’s news of a second royal baby on the way, we take a look back at the impact of baby George on the retail industry and what it means this time around.

In the run up to the the arrival of Kate and William’s first child, the Centre from Retail Research estimated that the birth would boost retail sales by around £243 million between 1 July 2013 and 31 August 2013, with consumers spending money on festivities, souvenirs, toys, books, dvds and media.

It wasn’t just royal baby products that benefited from a boost in sales. The media and the general public were intrigued by Kate, her changing shape, her latest fitness routines and which pram she would be pushing. Sales of Britax Baby Safe seats trebled at Kiddicare when the newborn set off in one on his first car journey after leaving St Mary’s Hospital.

Even pizzas peaked. Although Kate and William are said to have munched a  Zizzi pizza after the birth of Prince George, the rest of the country dived into a Domino’s. The delivery giant saw a 20 per cent leap in demand for pizzas while the nation waited for the baby’s arrival.

Brands got innovative, because they had to. It became a competition to create the smartest ad, the funniest POS and the most emotional message.

It’s early days, so we will have to wait and see if the arrival of the second child has a similar impact on retail sales but it does spark the start of an exciting period in the retail industry. It’s a crucial calendar event, like Halloween or Christmas. One that brands should use to maximise their sales and use as a tool to get into the customer’s basket.

As brands get on the starting blocks for the Royal baby race, the team at Tactical Solutions team are ready to make a difference where it matters most, in store. To find out more, contact us:ttalent@tactical-solutions.co.ukalent@tactical-solutions.co.uktalent@tactical-solutions.co.uk