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Sealing the Deal in Business

The journey from meeting a potential client to closing the deal is a rollercoaster ride. It requires time, dedication, hardwork and not forgetting patience. But when it comes to business, it’s hard to beat the feeling to sealing that sought after deal.

As the marketplace continues to become more saturated and competitors are now willing to go that little bit further to win business, it’s definitely become a lot tougher. So what’s more crucial than ever before is to ensure your sales team hone their skills and fine tune their approach to close that all important deal.

At Tactical Solutions we have three golden rules when it comes to sealing the deal:


Be Motivated:

Staff motivation is a game changer when it comes to a successful business and happy workforce. And this can all be down to your targets and initiatives.

It’s a fine balance between setting your targets too high or too low. Too high becomes unrealistic, meaning your staff won’t think it’s achievable and will in turn give up trying. Set too low and your staff will become complacent, it won’t mean anything or have the desired effect for them to strive for success.


Hone those Skills

Your team might have super-motivation but if they don’t have the relevant skillset, well you’re going to fall down at the next hurdle. Your sales team needs to use their skills to the maximum at every high and low point on the sales rollercoaster. From the very first conversation it’s all about asking questions, showing an interest and listening to prospective clients – it is the number one rule. Get this wrong and it’s game over.


When it comes to sealing the deal your sales team need to be able to effectively articulate their sales value proposition. And we don’t just mean the cost. It’s about identifying the pains of your prospect and demonstrating the unique and integral ways in which your service can resolve these issues.

The Perfect Process

If you’re not organized often the prospect pipeline starts to get a little blocked and those game-changing clients can get lost in the abyss. Don’t let this happen. You need to be able to recognize the diamonds in the rough, losing the dubs and delegating to your team the appropriate team member to the potential client, remember chemistry plays an important part in deciding if you will get the business or not.

Managing your pipeline every step of the way is the perfect way to measure, evaluate and review all potential channels, ensuring everyone is on track and with the same goal. Create a place where you can pool the data, so you can be objective and it paints a clear picture of where the business is heading and how this will impact sales.

Sealing the deal isn’t rocket science, but the basics need to be right. Capability and development need to your focus. Utilise the right skills, measure as much as possible and always be motivated, all of this will give you the tools to sell and close the deal.