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Should we stay or should we go now?


The EU referendum is currently dominating; well just about everything right now, and today we’ll be deciding whether we should continue our membership.


But between all the hysteria and arguing, we would like to hear the facts, and especially how it will effect the FMCG industry and retail as a whole.


Now we aren’t here to tell you what to choose, instead we want to share with you some interesting articles across the FMCG and retail sector.


We’ve been keeping an eye on the latest news articles from the leading publications


A strong and insightful piece from Retail Week, looking at what would happen if we did vote leave, insight from banking, economic, jobs and retail analysts.





If the above doesn’t seem to make anything clearer for you, this video by the BBC makes for an interesting watch.




There’s a lot of talk to remain within the EU, but we want share with you as much information as possible from both parties. This recent white paper on the impact of Brexit is an in-depth look at the benefits and advantages to the vote leave campaign.



Finally an interested and valid point by the Centre of Retail Research:


The advantages of the EU are still worth having but depend crucially on businesses actually doing something to benefit from them…Whether we leave or stay, our economy, industry, infrastructure, housing, training and skills will need major investment and overhaul and the view of the Centre for Retail Research is that issues are much the same whether we remain in the EU or leave…But neither option is easy or failsafe.”



Today, the decision is completely yours; it’s your right to vote. But do take the time to make sure you’re fully informed so when you hit that polling station, you know exactly which box you want to tick.