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The Evolution Of Technology In Field Marketing

As the cracks start to get slowly bigger in the reign of the Big Four and challenger retailers take hold of the grocery market share, this has resulted in a fundamental shift in purchasing habits.

So how do brands, whatever the size, ensure their products are the ones being chosen? When consumers are spending less time choosing, have no loyalty and become more price conscious.


Field Sales companies are no longer running away from technology but embracing it as an essential tool to support human skill and expertise. Consumer’s now shop differently, this isn’t a new idea, it’s about convenience, ease and instant hits. But this isn’t just impacting the Big Four and its sales and stock levels, it’s having a snowball effect throughout the supply chain.

No longer can the well established, leading, heritage brands rely on long lead times, the usual delivery quantity and guaranteed sales that comes with this. Thanks to external third parties, such as social media, the general media and fast changing trends, a particular product can go from zero to hero in just overnight. Brands, retailers and the rest of the supply chain need to be able to have the flexibility, pace and agility to change products, stock levels and deliveries in real time in order to succeed and deliver ROI.

We understand the only true way to guarantee this level of delivery across all points on the supply chain, is with the use of technology. Brands require real time information, at a store level. As well as being the brand ambassadors in the stores, technology adds the next level of communication and information for everyone involved. Creating a completely transparent chain every step of the way.

By creating a data system, brands are provided with information and issues at every single store, down to SKU level. Meaning our clients are provided with a minute by minute update of every single product, belonging to a brand, on the shelves.

Data offerings, like TSeye, means that the entire supply chain can intelligently improve availability and accessibility, ensuring a brand’s products are available for the consumer, whatever their shopping habits. By providing a daily live feed, means that field sales agents can respond quickly to a store where the product is under performing and resolves any issues in a timely manner.

Ultimately, this means brands will avoid Zero Selling, thanks to data offerings such as TSEye. Maybe technology in retail isn’t the threat we have been led to believe after all.

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