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The Healthy Beverage Boom

Clear labelling was one of the top five trends predicted to dominate the food and drink industry in 2015, according to Innova Market Insights.

Now into the second quarter of the year, it’s clear this has come to fruition, with the trend for clean nutrition evolving into a demand for transparency. For some time, ‘naturalness’ has been important, but now consumers want evidence for the term ‘natural,’ potentially due to a lack of trust between brands and customers.

Nearly a quarter of food and drink launches in 2014 highlighted their naturalness and origin. To grow this market further and capatalise on this global trend for a healthy lifestyle, brands need to define the term natural and stay true to this.

And the market has even more opportunity for growth, just take a look at the soft drink brands that have expanded into healthier markets. Pepsi max generated an additional £16.5m for the brand and for the first time accounts for more than 50% of Pepsi’s sales. Similarly, Coke Zero added £6.9m to its value.

So why has this market gone from strength to strength? It’s down to an attitude change amongst consumers, moving from a diet to a lifestyle perspective. This has created a growing interest in ingredients, products and the companies that make and sell them. A great example of this is our client Innocent drinks. Innocent, the creators of 100% fruit smoothies came to us with an initial challenge: to reflect Innocent’s brand values, purpose and vision in the marketplace, deliver sustainability as part of growth and become brand ambassadors.


 The solution was 4 step:

1 Strong relationships within store

2 Understanding retailer systems and supporting stores with sales and availability

3 Understanding and using data to drive results

4 Working closely with innocent to understand the brand’s needs and focus

Here’s what Innocent had to say about us:

“ Part of our selection process for a field partner was about ensuring there was a cultural fit with Innocent as well as exceptional delivery in store through data led execution plans and fantastic people.

We have not been disappointed and the results delivered exceed expectations and the team are truly Innocent Ambassadors – passionate about our brand and absolutely part of our team and all we stand for.”

Sarah Jane Norman, Innocent Drinks,

Head of Shopper Marketing & Operations, UK