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The Return Of Fish ‘n’ Chips

Our client Burton’s Biscuits, the major biscuit manufacturer have had a busy couple of months. Not only did they bring back the iconic 80s snack, Fish ‘n’ Chips ( if you’ve not tried them, you’re missing out) but they’ve also launched new flavours; Curry Sauce and Pickled Onion.

On top of that, Burton’s have introduced Cathedral City Baked Bites on to the market.

As with any product launch, visibility has been key to a winning sales formula. Sales of new products are at their highest in the 6 weeks post-launch, therefore it is essential to maximise the sales opportunity during this crucial period. Our field sales teams have been supporting the brands throughout by securing extra, premium space and displays, carefully placed in high footfall areas to draw attention to the product. You can see some of their handy work in Tesco, Morrisons and Asda in the photos below in:


 But what about the results?

Fish ‘n’ Chips now has a massive retail value of £12.74m, 8% penetration and 43% repeat purchase. Plus, it’s the number one brand for impulse purchase.

Cathedral City Baked Bites now have a retail value of £4.6m, 8% penetration and 33% repeat purchase. The launch itself is in the top 10% of biscuit launches in the last 5 years.

Quite simply, visibility gets sales.


In a crowded marketplace every single brand is bringing out NPD in rapid response to customer behaviour and trends. With competitive offers becoming the norm, it is vital that brand representatives are communicating with retailers to ensure the correct products are given the shelf and promotional space required. A clever promotional offer surrounded by enticing merchandising display will ensure the product is noticed and draws the attention away from competitors. Hot zones, dump pins and end-shelf displays prove time and time again to be a sales success.

If you’re launching a new product, reintroducing an existing one or expanding a range, make sure your product isn’t left on the shelf. Get in touch to see how we can support you too.